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Procuret | Access Upto 60k Today - Pay In Monthly Installments


Procuret, Get upto 60k today and pay in monthly installments for your products

Fitness Hero is proud to have partnered with Procuret and can now offer our customers the option to pay for their orders in monthly instalments through Procuret.

Procuret is a fast, flexible and secure digital payment solution built for professional businesses to better manage their cash-flow. Procuret helps you purchase the products you need for your business and pay for them in manageable instalments.

It is cash flow friendly and time-effective.

How Procuret Works for Business Clients


What is Procuret?

You now have the option to pay your invoice in smaller instalments over time though Procuret - it’s another way to add value to your business! This is only accessible for customers with a valid ABN which has been trading for a minimum of 6 months.

What do you Pay?

• The best way to think about Procuret is like choosing to pay your upfront insurance over 12 months rather than upfront

• So long as you pay your monthly instalments on time, there are no additional fees

Why Procuret?

• Cash management is an important consideration for any business

• Procuret is designed to smooth out larger invoices into small manageable payments

• Procuret’s payment option is fast, convenient, and simple and with no fuss or paperwork

How do you use Procuret?

• To pay in instalments, all you need to do is click the ‘Pay by Instalment’ option at the bottom of your Invoice or Proposal and follow the prompts

• Procuret uses a digital and data-based approach that relies on your ABN, bureau-based credit history and other parameters to assess qualification

• Qualification terms and eligibility criteria apply

Does this impact any of the terms of engagement with the Supplier?

• No, Procuret is just another payment method. The obligations that you have under the terms of engagement with your supplier continue to apply. Service, hardware, and software warranties that you have with the supplier of your product, to apply directly with your Supplier

Is there interest on the payment?

Your Supplier has negotiated with Procuret so that the monthly instalment is what you pay. The best way to think about it is like getting insurance paid monthly rather than upfront.

Are there any other fees?

So long as you pay your instalment on time, the monthly amount presented by Procuret is what you pay.

What if I pay late?

If there is a chance that you will miss a payment, please let Procuret know beforehand. If a payment dishonours once Procuret has attempted to direct debit your account, then a dishonour fee of $10 applies to cover the cost of re-running the payment and processing charges incurred. The payment will be attempted again the next day. If the payment continues to remain unpaid, further late charges may apply so it is always best if you can pay on time!

It seems that it’s ‘Powered by Procuret’, what does that mean?

Procuret is an Australian based payment service focusing on business. Procuret can offer monthly instalments for invoices. Procuret does all the processing.

Am I able to prepay my instalment plan?

Yes, you can prepay at any time. There is a small prepayment charge depending on when in the contract term you request to prepay. Contact us on if you wish to prepay.

Do I have to enter my credit card or bank details to pay monthly?

Yes. To make processing manageable for you and Procuret, instalment payments are made through authorised direct debit either via credit card or your business bank account.

Why is it asking me for my ABN details?

Procuret is a B2B payment platform. Requesting your ABN allows the instalments to be in the name of the business rather than you as an individual. Procuret runs data-based assessment criteria based on your ABN and other criteria.

Why is it asking me for my individual details?

This is to reduce the risk of fraud for all parties. It prevents scammers pretending to represent your business and as a payments company, Procuret also has a regulatory obligation to ensure it can identify the users of the service.

How do I contact Procuret customer support?

You can contact Procuret support via email or via phone (02) 8866 5399

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