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NEXUS Super Food GRE3NS | 30 Serves

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Fuel your health journey with Gre3ns by Nexus Sports Supplements, a wellness formula designed for daily use with clinically-dosed ingredients. The included super greens blend has all the essential greens necessary for promoting general health and wellbeing. Enjoy the delicious and nutritious benefits of this greens powder!

NEXUS GRE3NS is a clinically-dosed, high-quality greens formula designed to aid in achieving health and fitness objectives. Try your flavour preference from the three available, and you'll never believe you're consuming a greens powder. This product stands out from conventional alternatives with its unique blend of nutritious ingredients, providing the superior greens powder on the market.


Serves: 30 Serves (300g)

🥭 Mango Lychee

🍍 Tropical Crush

🫐 Wild Berry

NEXUS GRE3NS Key Benefits

  • Support immune system health
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Improve digestion with digestive enzymes blend
  • Boost gut health with a probiotic fibre blend
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • 1 scoop with 400ml of cold water first thing in the morning is all it takes to enjoy the benefits of Nexus Gre3ns

What does the Gre3ns by Nexus Wild Berry flavour taste like?

Nexus Gre3ns Wild Berry will provide your palate with a memorable experience. Enjoy a delectable combination of sweet and juicy mixed berries in every drink. Perfect for any occasion, this beverage is likely to become your go-to choice.

What does the Gre3ns by Nexus Mango Lychee flavour taste like?

Nexus Gre3ns Mango Lychee presents an incomparable combination of refreshing and tasty flavors, perfect for starting your day off with a bang!

What does the Gre3ns by Nexus Tropical Crush flavour taste like?

Nexus Gre3ns Tropical Crush is a captivating fusion of pineapple, orange, and passionfruit flavors, providing a delightful escape to a tropical paradise. Taste a piece of heaven with Tropical Crush.

Daily Greens + Added Probiotics

NEXUS GRE3NS is a wellness formula designed to provide everyday health to everyday people. It addresses common health issues faced by people, with carefully selected clinically dosed ingredients to:

  • 1. Immune Support Blend for improved immune system health
  • 2. Gut Repair Blend for a healthy microbiome
  • 3. Antioxidant protection
  • 4. Probiotic fibre blend to boost gut health
  • 5. Digestive Enzyme Blend for improved digestion
  • 6. No artificial flavours or colours


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