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UltraMAX 304 Smith Machine / Half Rack

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4 x

$749.75 AUD
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The Fitness Hero UltraMAX X304 Smith / Functional Trainer / Half Rack is the Supreme, In-Home Strength Training Machine

Engineered with commercial grade, sealed bearings pulleys and high tensile, 910 kg rated cables, the UltraMAX X304 Smith / Functional Trainer / Half Rack is the perfect 'at home' machine for all fitness levels.

Now available in custom colour & built to order

Custom Design

The Fitness Hero all in one smith machine is available in 6 custom colours. Just get in touch when ordering to let us know which colour you require and we will do the rest. 

Frame: 6 Colours to choose

Linear Bearing Solid Steel Olympic Barbell Smith Machine
Equipped with diamond cut, machined knurling on bar for for a firm grip and 12 catch positions for versatility, the Smith Machine features ultra smooth, silky barbell travel with a safe and secure locking mechanism and safety catches. Smith barbell rated to 400kg and is counter weighted by the weight stack. The Olympic bar on the Smith Machine also comes with two blue weight plate clamp locks.

Dual Pulley Functional Trainer
Engineered with dual fibreglass reinforced nylon pulleys, the UltraMAX functional trainer allows you to have complete freedom of movement in any direction or plane while performing a massive range of weight resistance exercises. These unrestricted exercises are designed to move the way your body naturally moves. The quick and easy to use, hand adjustable, high/low pulley system offers 16 height positions for all your functional movement exercises.

2 x 60kg Steel Precision Machined Weight Stacks
Two 60kg weight stacks (120kg total) with 4.5kg increments provide perfect resistance in every workout with fast, easy to use, pop pin adjustments. The weight plates are precision machined steel to ensure super smooth movement on guide rods.

Multi Grip Pull Up Bar
The UltraMAX features 5 hand grip options for every type of pull up, with rubber hand grips for a comfortable, secure grip. Also fitted with a ring mount for resistance band assisted pull ups, that is ideal to use for TRX suspension training.

Safe and Secure Free Weight Squat Rack
Stainless steel extruded frame half rack with 16 etched adjustments, two J-hooks and safety catches mean you can set up perfect squats. These features make powerful free weight and barbell (sold separately) workouts safe and comfortable .

Torsonator Attachments
The X305 features a torsonator rotational core trainer attachment with a barbell row attachment for bent over barbell rows and torsonator twists, further adds to the versatility of this all in one strength training behemoth. Torsonator and barbell storage for both olympic and standard barbells. Barbells and weights sold separately


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