Morgan Driver Sled 2.0 + H-Harness

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Morgan Driver Sled 2.0 + H-Harness

4 x

$97.50 AUD



4 x

$97.50 AUD
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Morgan weighted power sled is the perfect tool to build explosive power, unbeatable speed, and long-lasting endurance. It has all the functionality of both a dog sled (pull) and a prowler sled (push).

The driving rods and T-bar can be easily removed from the sled for each training style. The T-bar has been modified for the natural profile of your wrist and it comes with interchangeable heavy-duty nylon feet. Morgan's power driver sled has a burly construction and made durable for everyday use.

It is a great piece of equipment for an alternative cardio workout. This sled comes with an H-shaped shoulder harness (also known as H-Harness).


  • Made from heavy-duty 11-gauge welded steel with zero bolts on the frame
  • 2 x easy interchangeable and removable posts/poles + removable push T-bar allows for quick changes in direction without having to turn the sled around,  allows the user to push the sled from both a low and high elevation to maximise the sleds use
  • Flat bottom with 4 x replaceable nylon skid plates on the feet for a smooth pulling and pushing motion on all types of surfaces
  • 2 x bumper plate storage rods to load your sled right up
  • Multipoint attachments allow for an even load during pulling exercises
  • Great to attach an MTX unit to incorporate dragging and pulling exercises
  • Heavy-duty H-Harness also included
  • Designed to be used on grass, concrete and astro turf

Dimensions and weight:

  • 116cm long x 81cm wide
  • Approx. 40kg dead weight
  • Item is supplied flat pack - can be assembled in 2 minutes by only having to screw in the 2 x storage rods and then you are ready to go

Customer Reviews

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Adam Loftus
Great Product

One of the best pieces of equipment I have used. It's the only sled I've used that runs on grass, artificial turf and what's even better is that the ground doesn't have to be perfectly flat. The sled doesn't dig in but provides enough resistance for a good workout.